06 January 2013

Dressing Room Review: J. Crew origami sheath dress

I have an upcoming event at work that is cocktail attire. Seems easy enough, but I've been deliberating long and hard about what kind of dress to get. As the new hire freshly out of college, there is no doubt that I am going to be the youngest person at this event. To top that off, I'm petite, so I can easily look childish or kiddy if I choose the wrong dress.

With this in mind, I was dismayed to find that a lot of stores use "cocktail dress" interchangeably with "prom dress." Horrified at the thought of looking like a high schooler instead of a business professional, I immediately ruled out poofy skirts, tulle, and/or taffeta.

Looking for something classier, I tried on this dress at J. Crew...

J. Crew origami sheath dress, size 00 (petite size available online only)

I really liked this dress on the website, and decided go to the store to try the regular 00 size. As expected, the regular sizing does not fit as it is supposed to. It was roomy everywhere, but especially around the shoulders and bust, where the fit should be snug. The skirt wasn't exactly a "sheath" on me either, but I hoped these would all be remedied on the petite version. It did fit pretty nicely at the waist and the length hit right above my knees. (You just can't tell in this photo due to the slight downward angle.) I considered going online and buying it in size 00 petite, but... wait! Look at it, I could probably wear this in the office! This isn't an evening dress... Try again, Amy.

So what am I looking for? An evening dress that looks classy and not "high school"... and definitely not "Vegas"! The more I narrowed down my criteria, the more I began to think of Audrey Hepburn...  so the next two contenders are from ModCloth.

First, a little black dress:
(I snagged the last one so it's no longer available... sorry!)

Next, a flowy, neutral dress:

I've never ordered from ModCloth before, and I'm not sure how petite-friendly they are. Luckily, ModCloth has plenty of helpful reviews regarding fit and, if worse comes to worse, free returns. I am still waiting for these to arrive, so stay tuned for my reviews. :)

Which dress is your favorite so far?


  1. That ModCloth "All Neutral" Dress is beautiful! I will bug the ever living snot out of you if you don't end up taking pictures of yourself in it. I feel like it's a winner.

  2. Really can't wait to see you with that white dress! I love it so much :)

  3. I like both of them! I've found the extensive reviewing on Modcloth to be pretty accurate and helpful, as sometimes the quality of their stuff can be hard to determine just from the pictures/descriptions.

  4. I like the black one just because I love LDB's!

    I'm looking for an evening dress for my company's James Bond themed party too except I don't even know where to start because I don't want to spend too much money yet it's too late to shop online.

  5. Modclothe seems to have a good exchange policy so I wouldn't be too worried about that (personally I'm just way too lazy to send something back haha) I only recently ordered book from them hahaha I prefer the white dress but I'm not too sure about the little round things at the bottom, other than that I think it looks great. It's chic, youthful but classy at the same time, perhaps maybe with a belt? Even though you're a new hire I often find there's no point in trying too hard to look more mature especially if people already know your age.

    re: I'm soooo tempted to buy harvest moon on the eshop but I actually collect them so I really want to get my hands on a hard copy, worse comes to worse I'll buy one off ebay hahaha I think the oldest ones I have are the n64 one and some gamboy(colour?) ones =)


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