16 January 2013

Michael Kors Bromley Boots: a cheaper alternative to Stuart Weitzman 5050

For the past couple of weeks I have really been wanting a good pair of flat boots, mainly for shopping or days with lots of walking. It's a bit late in the season, though, and I found a lot of stores were clearing out their boot selection already. Good for deals, but hard to find something that works.

I have seen several petite bloggers praise the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot, but at almost $600 it is way beyond my budget. I'm also not very gentle to shoes, and could not justify spending that much for something that will probably get beaten up.

I had pretty much given up on boots until next year when I walked into Marshall's on a whim during my lunch break. Like everywhere else, there was a meager selection to choose from in the clearance section; but I was very surprised when I pulled this pair down from the top shelf.

Michael Kors Bromley, size 6 (similar in black python at full price or with a wedge heel for $125)

I honestly thought they were 5050s at first, as the design is very similar. The price? $79! I later found that these originally retailed for $250. You know that feeling when you know you've found a steal? Yeah, that's how I felt. Not to mention that I really love Michael Kors!

The leather upper on these boots is super soft, and the fit at the shaft is probably the best that I'll be able to get for my ~11 3/4 inch calves at this price point. (yes, I have stick legs... D:) If you compare my photos with the ones from Jean's review of Stuart Weitzman, you'll see that these MK ones are a bit roomier in the shaft, especially at the knee. I don't really mind this as it allows for more freedom to move, and leaves just enough room for jeans. I think the SW boots also have a hidden zipper as opposed to the exposed zipper on this pair.

Another pair of boots that I had tried earlier on was the Miz Mooz Bellini. I liked the strap details and the design as it looked on the website, but they just looked all wrong on me.

Roomy around the calves when wearing jeans.... I'm not even going to get started on how it looked with bare legs. It seemed to run large as I had a lot of room in the toe of the boot as well. Perhaps a size 5 or 5.5 would have looked better... but I decided to just snap a few photos and immediately box it back up as a return. (As you can see I didn't even bother taking the paper off the buckles.) So glad I found a better pair for over $100 less!


  1. omg the boots are gorgeous!! *steals*

  2. Yeah, you got them for such a great price! They look nice, too!

  3. really love the first pair my dear. they fit you perfectly!

    xx rae

  4. Agree they are gorgeous on you. ^ ^

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous, I love boots like this x



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