13 January 2013

ModCloth "All Neutral" Dress

Yesterday I was very excited to find that my ModCloth order had arrived a couple days earlier than expected, so I wanted to show-and-tell on my blog as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I did not receive the "We've Come So Noir" dress due to oversell, but ModCloth gave me an immediate refund so I wasn't too heartbroken. The "All Neutral" dress was the one I pinned all my hopes on anyway.

As is, this dress is extremely roomy. The length is perfect, but there is just way too much fabric. If there were maybe 50% less fabric, I think this dress would fit me the way it fits the mannequin on the website. 

Some reviewers on the website said that the armholes were too big. I have to agree!

I wasn't too surprised to find that it looked like nightgown on me; I had suspected that it would after I saw the statement on the website that it ran large. The reason I still bought it was because I knew if all else failed, the dress would still look good with a trusty belt.

Et voilà! Belting it looks much better and also helps with the armholes. Now it's good to wear and will definitely be my pick for my upcoming cocktail event! Of course it's not ideal that I have to wear it with a belt, I am very happy with the quality of the dress and think the price is quite a steal considering. Note that it is very sheer though, so wear nude-colored underwear with it! It also requires a strapless bra, but that seems to be a given with a lot of evening dresses.

The tie at the neck is longer than how it looks on the website. In these pictures, I actually wrapped each end around my neck once before tying them. When I just tie it into a bow, the tails go down to about my waist.

All-in-all, I would not say that ModCloth is petite-friendly, but I think that petites can find pieces that work on there. Sizing and quality seems to vary a lot, so you definitely have to rely on the measurements provided on the website and customer reviews.

Oh, and how could I forget to mention that I also got this beauty this weekend?! :) This is actually my first car ever!

vroom vroom!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!


  1. Oh I love the dress both ways, it's so charmiiing! :)

  2. What a unique and pretty dress! Congrats on your first car! Is that a Prius?

  3. OOOO QURL. I already said this earlier but dear lord does that dress look mighty fine on you. I honestly like it both ways but even more so with the belt. Despite it being roomy, it gives off a certain air to it.. gosh, how do I word it- Whimsy? Woodland sprite? Possibly related to Legalos? Anywho! It's flowy and pretty but with it belted it gives off a very polished look rather than having just stepped off a moose somewhere in the Shire. So yes! Belted = polished = works exceptionally great for a work oriented cocktail party.

    Any chance we're going to catch a glimpse of your cocktail hair, makeup and brooch?

    [Wall of text critical strikes for over 9,000 health points.]

    1. I agree! The more I look at it, the more I like the versatility of it from whimsy/ethereal (w/o belt) to classy but fun (w/belt). So glad I scoured ModCloth who-knows-how-many-times until I finally found it.

      And to answer your question, yes, definitely! I'll take some in my hotel room before the big event, and maybe even ask a co-worker to take some for me too. :x There should also be a photographer there, so even if I'm lazy/don't have time there WILL be photos. I'm really excited about the complete look.

  4. Even though you think the dress is too big, it looks great on you!! That dress is beautiful and so chic. Love it, love it, love it! Can I borrow it sometime??...haha.

  5. The dress is fabulous! and OMG congrats on your first car! i can't wait till i get mine!


  6. I love how this dress looks with a belt! Congratulations on your first car!!


  7. that dress is beautiful!!! :)

    following you! <3

    The DayLee Journal


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