24 February 2013

How My Life Has Changed From College to Corporate

Kicking off my heels in my hotel room after a long morning at the sales meeting.
It's been about nine months since I graduated from college and started working full-time. My life has changed in some unexpected ways since I made the transition from campus life to office life.

1. I rarely try to look nice on weekends unless I have to. When I was in college I would always take the time to look nice and dress fashionably every day, even if I was just going to class. Now that I have to do this five days a week, all I want to do on weekends is wear yoga pants, tie my hair up, and go everywhere with no makeup...

2. I have had to go a shade lighter on foundation because I never go outside anymore.

3. I hate shopping at stores like Forever 21 because the large crowds of teens get on my nerves.
I've gotten too used to shopping at quiet stores like Banana Republic and LOFT.

4. I am almost always sitting. I used to walk or ride my bike to class everyday, but now I go straight from sitting in the car to work, to sitting at my desk all day, to sitting in the car again, to sitting on my bed in the evening. Physical activity is something that you have to consciously work into your schedule when you have a desk job.

5. I tend to prefer relaxing at home with a drink by myself over going out and partying. (Though I still party like a college student occasionally, I only want to do it once in a blue moon now.)

6. My interpretation of "going out for drinks" has changed. The other day a friend of mine who recently turned 21 invited me to "dinner and drinks." I interpreted this as having a relaxed dinner accompanied by a glass or two of wine, then parting ways around 9pm. What he had actually meant was going out to dinner, maybe with some wine there, and then hitting the bars to get drunk until the late hours of the night... this is what really made be realize that I don't think like a college student anymore. :/

I find myself in a weird situation--no longer identifying with friends who are still in school, but also feeling vastly younger than my colleagues at work. The toughest part is having nothing to contribute to a conversation about home ownership and parenting, which tend to be the main topics of casual chit-chat.

Regardless, I prefer working to studying. Being in marketing is pretty awesome. One reason is because I get to attend the fun events, like the sales meeting last month.

This is my kind of fail attempt at an updo for the awards night at the sales meeting. I dressed it up by putting a vintage Coro feather brooch in my hair. I love how versatile brooches can be, and there's a treasure trove of affordable vintage ones floating around on eBay and Etsy.

My nails matched my dress! I meant to take some more detailed photos but didn't have good enough lighting. My dress got plenty of compliments though--it definitely stood out among all the black that everyone else was wearing.

A shot of the lounge that the after party took place in. It looked even nicer once the lights were dimmed.

Another thing that made me feel too young--the DJ at the event would only play music for the older crowd. After having a couple drinks I tried to ask him to play some electro house, but he told me "they're not drunk enough for that yet." :(


  1. Agreed agreed agreed! Oh man, except I don't dress up for work either. But then again, I wasn't one to dress up for school! I'm always a hair tied, glasses, and no makeup kind of girl. Whenever people see me with makeup it's always a double-take! LOL

    The constant sitting is messing up my back though.. I'm so close to going to chiropractor because I think I'm seriously getting some back problems! The drinking... oh lawlz.. Honestly I go out to wine bars and restaurants now, and haven't been to a college party in over a year. Funny how things change so quickly!

    1. Oh believe me, I have plenty of days where I throw on slacks and whatever work appropriate shirt I can find, then roll into work with minimal makeup and my hair tied up! I do it more often than I feel like I should... I just value my sleep more sometimes ;;

  2. Are these pictures with your fancy new camera?! Also, love the nails, and I think I already said I loooooove the dress. also also, I want to hear about the sales meeting crazy stories!

  3. gah ... i totally know what you mean. especially #1,4,5. i'm not sure if i like it sometimes i feel like i'm becoming boring. lol. but i think it's more or less just because i don't feel like i have time anymore. especially with the getting ready thing. i miss it sometimes :(((

  4. Leaving the college life does bring some changes. I had to laugh at some, especially number 6. I can imagine how you've sat there and thought "how could I've been so wrong to think otherwise" haha!
    I'm loving your nails and dress! So pretty :)


  5. Oh so much in common. I've been out of school for almost two years and felt/feel the exact same way. I'm trying to remember that the faster we let go of our old adventures the sooner we can look forward to the new one :)

    Simply Sabrina


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